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Founder - Matt Sekela

Matt has retired with 28 years of police experience and over 20 years as part of Emergency Response Teams with over 10 years as Team Leader. Matt has planned and executed several hundred tactical operations. Matt has also trained thousands of law enforcement and military personnel in a wide variety of tactical platforms, including but not limited to, basic SWAT, advanced SWAT, firearms, hostage rescue, multiple entry point tactics, leadership. active shooter, VIP protection, linear assaults, tactical planning, high risk vehicle stops, warrant execution and leadership.


Matt has created several course training standards in various tactical disciplines that have been adopted by  police departments, as well as, the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Matt has spoken at numerous conferences including  South Korea, Kuwait, Greece, Grand Cayman, New York, Las Angeles, Boston and numerous other cities. As part of the ownership group for Tactical Synergy, International Tactical Officers Training Association, and Tier One Tactical International, Matt was responsible for multi million dollar training budgets and the management of complex training operations.


Matt has received and continues to receive training from people regarded as the best tactical operators in the world, including, Navy SEALS, Delta Force, Army Rangers, JTF 2, FBI Tier 1 Hostage Rescue Team, LAPD SWAT, LACS SWAT, NYPD ESU, NYSP SWAT, Orange County SWAT and numerous others.


In addition to training, Matt is currently responsible for supplementing the executive protection teams of Concentric Advisors when their clients attend anywhere in western Canada. These clients are some of the richest people in the world. Matt has also provided firearms training and active shooter training as part of an Executive Protection program in the San Jose area.

Vice President - Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is a 14 year veteran of Law Enforcement and has 10 years of tactical experience, from 1999 to present. Chris is currently a senior team member of a multi-jurisdiction Emergency Response Team (SWAT) and a patrol division Sergeant in his home department. Chris' career has primarily been patrol and ERT based, however other past assignments include temporary secondments to Special Projects Team, Criminal Investigation Section, Traffic Section and Bicycle Patrol. He is a designated and certified Recruit Field Trainer in his department.

Chris has a significant history in tactical operations and has participated in numerous investigations involving high-risk warrant services, high-risk arrests, barricaded subject incidents, hostage rescue, witness protection details and marijuana grow-operation enforcement. He is certified by the Justice Institute of British Columbia as a Pistol Instructor, by the National Tactical Officers Association as an Active Shooter Instructor and by the Armiger Institute as a Reality-Based Training instructor. Chris regularly instructs (in both Canada and the U.S.) in the areas of warrant service, active shooter/rapid deployment, containment tactics, building/room search tactics and high-risk arrests and vehicle take-downs.

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