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Complete Overview Attachment

In the interests of providing the best service possible to its clients, Tactical Synergy will maintain a pool of qualified personnel that can offer specialized security service delivery on a 24/7 basis.


The Tactical Synergy senior manager will be available for existing clients to contact 24/7 for service requests.  In the Metro Vancouver region (including the Fraser Valley) Tactical Synergy will provide personnel for a service request within 24 hours or sooner depending on the nature of the service required.


Tactical Synergy can provide personnel for service requests throughout British Columbia.  Service delivery to be conducted outside of the Metro Vancouver region may require up to 48 hours to be arranged.  Tactical Synergy is willing to provide service delivery outside of British Columbia based on special request and arrangement with a client.


In the event of an extraordinary requirement to provide additional or larger numbers of personnel, Tactical Synergy is able to actively recruit and select appropriate personnel from within the law enforcement or security communities in no more than a 7 day process.

If you are interested in our security services please contact us.

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