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Tactical Synergy has the ability to provide training in a number of areas including warrant service, building searches, containment, dynamic search warrant techniques, slow and deliberate search techniques, active shooter and rapid deployment techniques, hard drug and marijuana grow-operation warrant services and information, high-risk vehicle stops, tactical vehicle take-downs, mechanical breaching, and a variety of combat pistol and rifle/sub-gun techniques and qualifications.


Tactical Synergy works with a few select North American experts in the areas of control tactics and physical use of force, military tactics and leaders in the field of providing the most current information on the topics of leadership and training in emergency service management.

Tactical Synergy will gladly tailor the training to suit the needs of your particular agency or unit and prides itself on its ability to provide high quality seminars and training opportunities to the law enforcement community.

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Courses Overview

Tactical Operations:


SWAT/ ADV. SWAT, Firearms (Tactical/Conventional), Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue, Multiple Breach Point, Linear Assault (Bus, Train, Airline), Vehicle Assault (Car,Truck), Close Quarter Battle (CQB Firearms), Clandestine Laboratory Operations, Sniper/Observer (Urban/Rural), Breaching (Mechanical/ Shotgun), Leadership (Command/ Team), Tactical Firefighter, Tactical SCBA/Hazmat/NBC SWAT Tactics for Patrol, Patrol Rifle, Counter Active Shooter.

Close Quarter Combative (hand to hand):

Combat Martial Arts, Edged Weapons, Confined Spaces, Extreme Survival

Drug Enforcement:

Drug/Narcotic Investigations, Undercover Operative, Drug/Methamphetamine Culture, Clandestine Laboratory Investigations, Tactical Narcotics Tactics (TNT), Asset Forfeiture

Maritime/Tactical Waterborne Operations:

VBSS, GOPLAT Brown Water, Open Water, Beach Reconnaissance, Combat Swimmer

Modern War-Fighter


Urban, Rural

Woodland Operations

Patrol, Movement

Combat Medicine

Combat Medic/ TCCC-live tissue, Self Aid-Buddy Aid, Casualty Management, High Threat Rescue

Intelligence Gathering

HUMINT, Technology

Riot Control Combat Tracking

Prison, Cell Extraction, Public Crowd Management

K-9/Dog Training

Multi-purpose Dog Handling, Tactical, Explosives

Protective Services Details

Dignitary/ VIP, Convoy Operations, Vehicle Assault/ Ambush

Training Offered

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