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Warrant Service - Level 1

Next Course Dates:

Oct 15th to 17th in Abbotsford, call for availability.

On a daily basis members of various Police Departments are asked to execute search warrants. These searches are usually conducted by Drug Squad members or Patrol based members. The members need to have a sound working knowledge on how to perform these searches, both in a dynamic fashion and in a slow and deliberate fashion.

The members will learn the concept of warrant execution from the beginning (risk assessment) to the end (premise secure). This will allow members to provide a better service to their community, to themselves, and to the subjects of the search.

Course Content

  • Safety Rules

  • Risk Assessment

  • Planning

  • Recce

  • Approach

  • Cover & Concealment

  • Entry Point

  • Secondary Entry Point

  • Breaching Techniques

  • Ram

  • Hooligan

  • Synamic Searches

  • Slow Searches

  • Room Clearing Techniques

  • Personal Equipment Requirement

Learning Activities

  • Classroom Lectures

  • Demonstration / Performance

  • Practical Simulation

Testing Methods

Successful completion of the course requires the student to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in planning room clearing tactics in a simulation or role-playing test exercise.

  • Correctly articulate the reasons for selecting a specific method of executing a search warrant.

  • Attain a minimum mark of 70% on the written test.

24 Hour Instruction over 3 Days

Size of Class
Maximum 24

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