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Ballistic Shield

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On a daily basis, Police Officers working in a variety of different capacities, are tasked with the containment of high risk operational files involving firearms. In addition, these officers may be tasked with rescuing an injured civilian or an injured officer while putting themselves in harms way. The advancement of ballistic shields has greatly improved the safety of the officers required to complete these tasks. These Police Officers need to have a working knowledge on how to perform these High Risk Tactics while utilizing a ballistic shield. This training will better serve the community in which they work, increase their own safety, and enhance the rescue of injured subjects.  These officers need competent instructors to use a ballistic shield in a proper fashion.

Course Content
Students will be proficient in the following while using a ballistic shield.

  • The ballistic capabilities and limitations of a shield

  • Proprietary considerations of the shield being used

  • Citizen rescue

  • Officer rescue

  • Mental Mindset

  • Containment


These job related duties are often performed under varying degrees of stress. The use of FX simmunition will heighten the officers’ stress level to better align officers to their real world function.


Learning Activities

  • Classroom Lectures

  • Demonstration / Performance

  • Role Playing

  • Practical Simulation

  • Live Fire

  • Instructing other students

Testing Methods

Successful completion of the course requires the student to:


  1. Successful completion of the course requires the student to:

  2. Students will display proficiency in the theory and practical application of a ballistic shield

  3. Demonstrate a proper rescue of an injured citizen and an injured officer.

  4. Students will display the proper tactical movement while utilizing a ballistic shield.

  5. Demonstrate the use of a ballistic shield during containment

  6. Explain why having a proper “Mental Mindset” is vital to Police Officers.

  7. Students will use Reality Based Training to aid in their critical decision making assisting in stress inoculation

  8. Students will explain and demonstrate simmunition safety

  9. Students demonstrate proficiency in instructing others.


30 hours

Size of Class
Maximum 20

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