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Warrant Service - Level 2

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Police officers on a daily basis are executing search warrants both in a dynamic fashion and in a slow and deliberate fashion. While some Officers have the basic knowledge of how to accomplish these searches very few have had the opportunity to train in a realistic shots fired, officer down, citizen down, or suspect down scenario. Fortunately these incidents are rare in nature; however, when one does occur it is critical members have an idea on how to respond and what is required. In addition, few officers have had the chance to train shoot / do not shoot scenarios in a realistic atmosphere with use of SIMUNITION. This greatly enhances the officers ability to appropriately react in a given situation.

Officers would learn the procedure on how to react with regards to shots being fired, someone being shot and requiring rescue, and how to enhance officer decision-making ability through realistic training scenarios with the use of SIMUNITION.

The warrant service scenarios in this Level II course are designed to be more challenging to the participant and will enhance their skills learned on the Level I course.

Course Content

Review the following from the Warrant Service Level I Course:

  • Safety Rules

  • Risk Assessment

  • Planning

  • Recce

  • Approach

  • Cover & Concealment

  • Entry Point

  • Secondary Entry Point

  • Breaching Techniques

  • Ram

  • Hooligan

  • Dynamic Searches

  • Slow Searches

  • Active countermeasures

  • Room Clearing Techniques

  • Personal Equipment Requirement

New material:

  • Suppression fire

  • Shooting on the move

  • Officer down rescue

  • Citizen down rescue

  • Suspect down rescue

  • Active countermeasures

  • Use of vehicles for officer down / citizen down rescue

  • Decision making scenarios

  • Immediate containment

  • Accounting for the members of the warrant service team

  • Use of more complex and challenging scenarios

  • SIMUNITION safety rules

Learning Activities

  • Classroom Lectures

  • Demonstration / Performance

  • Role Playing

  • Practical Simulation

  • Small Group Projects

Testing Methods

Successful completion of the course requires the student to:

  • Attend all four days.

  • Attain a minimum of 70%on all written tests.

  • Demonstrate the proper application of officer down, citizen down and suspect down rescue.

  • Clearly articulate the reasons for decisions with regards to the use of force used on various scenarios.


24 Hour Instruction over 3 Days

Size of Class

Maximum 24

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