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Executive Protection

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To have the students proficient at Level 1 tactics needed to execute close personal protection at a high standard, and to enable the attendees to teach their fellow team members the tactics required.


The use of FX simmunition will be utilized to heighten the operatives stress level to better align to their real-world function.

Course Content
Students will be proficient in the following while using a ballistic shield.

  • History of Close Personal Protection

  • Threat/Vulnerability Assessments and Risk Analysis

  • Box formation movement

  • Diamond formation movement

  • One- and two-man movement

  • Conducting an Advance

  • Concierge Security Service

  • Mental mindset

  • Stress inoculation and ways to control stress

  • Route Planning

  • Managing targeted violence and Pre-assault indicators

  • Scenario development

5 Days

Size of Class

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