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Active Shooter Instructor

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Law Enforcement officers are required to respond to random acts of extreme violence and to end the violence in the timeliest manner possible. Some of the most extreme acts of violence are referred to as, “Active Shooters” or “Active Killers.” The response to this situation has evolved to an Immediate Intervention model known as, Immediate Response Deployment.


In order to accomplish this extremely difficult task Law Enforcement Officers need to be taught the most appropriate response to these incidents. This training is crucial to minimize death and injury to the public, Law Enforcement Officers, and the suspect(s)

Course Content
Students will be proficient in the following while using a ballistic shield.

  • History of Active Shooters

  • Immediate rapid deployment

  • Room entry tactics

  • One and two person movement

  • Dealing with explosives

  • Contact teams

  • Rescue teams

  • Mental mindset

  • Equipment

  • Stress inoculation and ways to control stress

  • Instruction techniques

  • Scenario development


Testing Methods


Successful completion of the course requires the student to:


  1. Students will display proficiency in the theory and practical application of Immediate Rapid Intervention.

  2. Practical simulations

  3. Display proper instruction of how to respond to an "Active Killer"


24 Hours

Size of Class

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